3 Tips To Finding The Most Unique Gift Ideas!

We all know this year has been really hard to imagine. Covid-19 has stolen so many things from us that we otherwise would have been able to enjoy with our families and friends under normal conditions. It's so upsetting & tough to overcome. Despite this fact, we are still trying to connect with those we love even more so than ever before. It can be a challenge for some to shop solely online in order to avoid being in crowds with masks and potential mayhem. People are shopping even more at home than ever before due to this pandemic! Our simple gift guide helps to infuse thoughtfulness when considering the multitude of options we all have literally at our fingertips.

  • Shop small! So many small businesses are suffering due to this global pandemic. When you shop small you give that business a chance to keep their doors open & lights on so to speak. It makes all the difference in the world! Some people are able to get recommendation's from friends or family. Others search high & low. Something that's huge right now are curated gift boxes! We love to give & receive them. One great Etsy seller we found is Living Lovely by Lia. Her boxes fit many different types of people and give us eco-friendly/minimalist vibes.

  • Shop on trend! There are so many things trending this year. If you are shopping for a lovely lady, polymer clay earrings are the "in" thing for sure. You could weed through the hundreds of options online, or you could check out another gem of an artist we love (again found on Etsy) Clay By Risa. We really do mean it when we say shop small! She has really pretty pieces that give us that Boho-chic look and in great color variations that appeal to almost anyone. And again she has reviews that are pretty glowing.

  • Shop handmade! The last tip is our plug (we had to fit in somehow!) Jayla's Heirlooms features handmade gifts that are no only timeless & diverse, but globally sourced. Every item was hand picked with families in mind who would like to give their loved ones something that they can re-gift to their little ones one day. My daughter Jayla has played with the items recommended and they have still made it to see another day while maintaining their beauty (and she can play rough lol!) We are constantly looking for interesting items that are in demand & creating a space where diversity is highlighted regularly and is the rule not the exception. We're not on Etsy! But we can be found right here at www.jaylasheirlooms.com and please check out our Instagram to learn more about what us and artists/brands we're loving right now.

We hope this was insightful and you truly do find exactly what you were looking for. With everything we wish you lots of heirloom love and peace throughout the remainder of 2020 and beyond!

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