Hello. We're New Here!

Welcome to our site. We come spreading lots of heirloom love.

This is Jayla! She is 4 and our business is truly her namesake. As Co-Owner & Chief Toy Curator (big title for a big girl) she makes sure every gift that we source is truly one of a kind. The concept behind why we started this joint venture (Mom is Lead Curator) was because of our love specifically for heirloom dolls.

We wanted to share the wonderful diversity that we've found from around the world. It's been pretty exciting meeting vendors from the US (our home) as well as countries like Ukraine, Belarus, Belgium, England, Australia, South Africa, & Sweden to name a few. Our hopes are that we can share with others how beautiful an item as simple as a child's toy can be. Sparking joy and imaginative play that lasts not only for years, but for many generations to come! Thanks for checking Jayla's Heirlooms out and we hope you find something you cherish.

Xoxo Jayla & Cole.

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