Why are beautiful diverse dolls hard to find?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? I definitely have. Dolls are such a simple gift. Most little girls (and I'd say women in general) love a sweet doll! It speaks to their inner child. Kind of falls in to the category of puppies, babies, and all things adorable. When I was pregnant with my daughter Jayla (my first and only child) I started my search for a gorgeous doll. I was glad to see more diverse options than when I was a kid in the late 80's/early 90's. However it was still a challenge to find one that I was really in love with. I kept finding ones that were what I call "random" as my friends know me to use just as much as "basic." They didn't speak to your heart. They had no "awe" which I equivalate to the "it" factor for other items. They were just brown or dark skin toned. Like no real effort was put in to their design. Personal preferences play a large part of course. I had criteria (I'm a project manager/scrum master by trade so this creeps in to my personal life lol.) I wanted it to be handmade, unique, super adorable, and not plastic (although Jayla does have some dolls that are.) I just wanted it to be beyond special and hopefully last for her to give to her daughter one day. An heirloom.

This search started about five years ago and within those years, there have been so many wonderful changes. It is easier not to have to dig so much through tons of Google pages worth of stuff. Social Media allows us to do a "Google" kind of search within their platforms even. What I have found though is the more custom you'd like, the higher the price tag. Which makes this almost "basic" gift a bit more worth the investment. Also these beautiful diverse dolls are global! It can take weeks or even months (pandemic time) for artists to fit your specifications and then to receive via mail. Our goal is to make them 1) easier to find in one place, 2) quicker to receive within the US, & 3) make a child feel as special as the gift is that they're receiving.

Jayla's Heirlooms is open to hear all about what kind of dolls you prefer. From crochet to linen, light-dark toned, and of course the attire- sporty spice or princess diaries! Let us know what you'd like to see from us in the comments!

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