Our Story

Hello new friends and welcome to Jayla's Heirlooms! I'm Cole and Jayla is my 5 year old doll of a daughter. We are both obsessed with heirloom quality toys! Jayla's collection started to grow once I realized how compared to when I was a kid, there's an increasing  amount of diverse options on the market now. I would stay up (sometimes pretty late) and search for only the very best ones I could find. They were on many different websites and could be a challenge to locate. Eventually I ordered a few to see how the quality was in real life. Some were really nice, while others not so much. I said to myself "wouldn't it be nice to share my findings with people who may have been hunting for the same treasure, but all in one place?" And boom the concept for Jayla's Heirlooms was created.

As a person of color it was refreshing to work with designers to create dolls that looked like my daughter & me. I always wanted to be able to highlight and see us in items I purchased not only for Jayla, but also when giving gifts. And we love to give gifts! This site will provide many different gift options with a focus on dolls of diversity. We admire not just the dolls (which are our favorite) but many other timeless items for a child to grow up with. They're all handmade and unique. Our gifts are heirlooms for many generations to come.

We were able to work with some amazing women artisans from all over the world to offer a few custom options. We also now have our own branded doll that we are selling here, as well as through Amazon! So glad you are learning about us & can't wait for Jayla's Heirlooms to bring joy to your family soon!

Xoxo Jayla & Cole